Saturday, 11 April 2015

'Are You Afraid of the Poor? Why Not?' forthcoming 4CDR set

'Are You Afraid of the Poor? Why Not?' will, at last, be coming out this June 2015.  This 1st edition will come as a 4CDR set.

The pro printed CDR will be housed in a 4 way jewel case with 3 more CDRs of previously unreleased material.

The tracklist for 'Are You Afraid of the Poor? Why Not?' is
1) Cries Real Office Tears
2) Eierlegende Wollmilchsau
3) Neo Victorian Workhouse
4) One Sodding Thing After Another
5) Shithole
6) Rien Manger
7) Sensualist
8) Towards Clearer Skin
9) Rosacea Eruption

The 3 other CDRs will include:

'Two Faced and Materialistic'
an album of multi tracked recordings from a crudely circuit bent Walkman and pre-recorded tapes.

'Pluto Gang'
a collaboration album with VEX (Ian Liddle.)

'Sweet Agony'
a mini album inspired by themes from a documentary on Wakefield boxer Paul Sykes.

plus other miscellaneous archive recordings.

More updates to follow as June 2015 approaches.

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