Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Live 25th March, London: Daniel Menche, Liberez, The Digitariat.

Upset The Rhythm presents...

... (Edition Mego, Important, Blossoming Noise, Soleilmoon)
Sunday 25 March
Power Lunches, 446 Kingsland Road, Dalston, E8 4AE
7.30pm | £6.00 |

DANIEL MENCHE makes music like your own blood amplified, pushing the volume to the max, letting the speakers bleed. Menche bridges the gap between sound and listener, a one-on-one, personal impact with pure sound. His presentation of sonic structures is similar to the way a writer might depict a story, through the imaginative process, confusion is tempered into symbol and structure, the focus never shifting from the drama. Menche's work originates from the idea that there is no restriction to potential sound sources, especially in terms of a sound’s potential sonic energy. Self-made recorded sound sources, instruments, and percussion can all be equally harnessed in creating a living and emotional feeling within Daniel Menche's contemporary work. Hunting and Gathering - Capture and Amplify with sound. Sounds from anywhere and everywhere. Gushing waterfalls, storms, throat, skin, heart, massive drums, kids choirs, acoustic instruments, pianos and organs, junk electronics, high tech electronics, garbage, dirt, gold and diamond. There are no rules. Any and all sounds are possible conduits to music. There are absolutely no barriers or biases in what can be used.

With scores of releases on cornerstone labels like Editions Mego, Important, Touch and Sub Rosa and close ties with a host of similarly broad-spectrum adventurers from Stephen O’ Malley through to Vicki “People Like Us” Bennett, Menche is an invigorating and engrossing onstage force, whether coaxing relentless and all-enveloping waves of sound from his own body via metal objects and a bank of pedals or in accompaniment to his own eye-poppingly intense visual work, with the uncompromising majesty of the natural world a recurring theme. ‘Guts’, a new record of ‘abused and thrashed piano noise', is out now on Editions Mego, whilst a 12” called ‘Quanta Of Light’, drops soon as part of Touch Music’s White Label Vinyl Series.

"One of the most vital and engaging artists in experimental music"

"Using basic collected sounds from completely open sources, his manipulations and layerings focus in identifying core elements in each sound utilized, showcasing its found energy upfront and transforming the sounds in a way much more imaginatively and mapped out than your average noise artist"

"An enigmatic, masterful, and incredibly prolific drone craftsman"

"Really intense, original and quite a shocking performance"
Brooklyn Vegan

LIBEREZ is the latest incarnation of a long running music collaboration between John Hannon and Pete Wilkins. Their latest album 'The Letter' was released last year via Alter Records and features multi-instrumentalist Tom James Scott and vocalist Nina Bosnic as new members. Repetitve dual vocal patterns are augmented with amplified percussion, light rhythms, guitar and violin dissonance to create a sense of abstracted ritual which can't help but draw listeners into the labyrinth.

THE DIGITARIAT knows what it is to live in a rich man's house, because we live in it, like a slave lives in a rich man's house. From a world of wage slavery, mindless consumerism and unsophisticated sexual relations comes The Digitariat. Dynamic noise songs with Yorkshireman yelling vocals making a rallying call in the pursuit of joy against the odds. You can download his latest album for free here:

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