Friday, 17 February 2012

The Digitariat live onstage at The Hope & Anchor, London, 23rd Feb 2012.

+++Come let your ears have a go on these nois-o fellers+++

23 Feb 2012
Hope & Anchor (downstairs)
4 pound

►The Digitariat (London)◄

We know what it is to live in a rich man's house, because we live in it, like a slave lives in a rich man's house.

From a world of wage slavery, mindless consumerism and unsophisticated sexual relations comes The Digitariat. Dynamic noise songs with Yorkshireman yelling vocals making a rallying call in the pursuit of joy against the odds.

Free download of the latest album:


Harsh Noise ~ Circuit Bending ~ Rough Music ~ Aggro-shambles: since 16th Oct 2000

Multi-functional Noise Enterprise Program Cementimental supplies the total 2 track/truck of the tornado condition which is separated. Do not dread me, even if I am very like genuine centipede. Cut up tape recorder gods' little toy fading, bookstore ink running. As in the time of the bee, rubber blackboard clambered upward. All the witnesses of the crimes who have been interviewed by our men swear that the murderers are a strange race of robots. Interesting music play while crawling. 99.98% similar to the real item, and you can justice this item factually.

►Xithi Chasm◄

plunderphonics / concrète / absurdist nonsense noise

Download the album Super Rabbit here:


love spaghetti noise doom


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