Sunday, 21 September 2014

Live in Bristol, 28th September 2014

/\ ZAMZAMREC /\/\/\/\/\/\

/\ 28 sept 2 0 1 4
/\ starts at 6pm
/\ The Island
/\ £6

L I V E zzzz

dp re/searches and ponders existences and behaviourisms humanimalistically via audio de/construction, psycho-acoustics, sonic rituals; sound as communication in direct and primal form, a tool of metaphysics, a conscience, an unrestrained language. sound as a means to activate primordial shared emotions otherwise hidden by civilised experience. dp's work engages, invites rumination, endorses sentient and environmental e/quality and encourages intervention and action; therapeutical stimulation is acknowledged. a form of release is evoked, a liberating cleansing, a sound catharsis that opposes the omnipresent reduction of existence, that puts us in touch with our sentient origins as well as with the realities of our times. dp rings in the era of humanimal..
dp has been sonically active for over 25 years, has appeared on more than 150 releases and has played around 400 concerts in 40 countries.
psycho-acoustics. composition. field recordings. sonic rituals. audio exorcism. humanimalism. voice. body. organics. electronics. video. performance. interdisciplinary. multimedia.
dave phillips - zürich - switzerland

"Any fool can believe in what's self-evident, it takes genius to believe a palpable lie"
Para-noise, Post-Power electronics, solo vocal belligerence before a cascade of noise, digital glitch, analogue filth and free matter around a new structure of rhythm measure.
Job, sex, money (or lack of); misandry/misogyny conflict; the truths behind constructed reality; the tragedy of pornography (for viewer and viewed); how technology is used against the people rather than for the people, pursuit of absolute joy against the negative influences; all these are recurring matters explored by The Digitariat.
Paul Knowles - Islington, UK

Drones and noise from 18 year old child prodigy whiz kid Dylan Malett
"Revelatory instrumentals that pull together disparate strands of downtown NY guitar minimalism with something of his hometown's signature ambient dub. Decidedly non-rock guitar grandeur. It goes without saying, he's one to watch." - The Quietus
"Mallett's hypnotic, industrial beats and skip-stop guitar trills on ‘I’ incorporated a quiet-loud dynamic that was infectious yet discerning, all the while emotionally captivating. Completely original and inventive pieces of music." - Wax Music
Howling Owl / bulb - Bristol

featuring Henry Collins, Robin Foster, Cementimental & Uiutna
Chahut : bedlam, ruckus, uproar, commotion ; heckling, disturbance ; racket, din ; disruption for soul sound harsh delectation, and Accident and Emergency


C E L L zz

Optoelectronic Power produced by hand-made electronics, hacked cathode ray tube and erratic phosphor.
Ewa Justka is a polish electronic noise artist based in London. She currently studies BA Sound Arts & Design at London College of Communication.
Ewa completed an internship in physical computing at STEIM, Amsteram, where she was working on documentation of Black Box modular system.
Justka’s main field of research is based on exploration of materiality of objects, vibrant, ontological systems (human bodies, plants’ bodies, electronic circuits: varied range of micro and macro environments and relations between them) and an investigation of modes of quasi-direct perception through noise performance actions, interactive installation, DIY electronics, hardware hacking, plant-molesting, breaking, deconstructing and collaborating. In her artistic work Ewa attempts to explore the concept of materiality of objects through creation of prompt interactions between them.
Ewa has performed at Network Music Festival, Birmingham, UK; Supernormal Festival Oxfordshire, UK, Club Transmediale Festival, Berlin; Explodin Cinema, Goldsmiths College, London, UK; STEIM, Amsterdam, NL; Moving Forest, Chelsea College, London, UK; Colour out of Space, Brighton, UK; Beam Festival, Brunel University, London, UK and more.

Dual is a video artist and film-maker who enjoys collaborating with music artists on A/V projects and music promo videos. Her work explores the boundaries between dance, performance and the visual arts. Drawn to a dark and dystopian, yet elegant aesthetic, she often finds inspiration in the granular textures and analogue patterns of low resolution CCTV, VHS and CRT monitors. Her purist approach to her work has led her to experiment with organic glitches and errors found using analogue techniques. In contrast she works with filmed footage captured from a variety of sourced content, processed through low resolution monitors and then reworked into compositions which create a language through symbolic imagery. This passion is also the reason behind the array of CRT monitors and TVs stacked in the corner of her studio.


D J z

International mail-order supplying underground and experimental music on vinyl, CD, and cassette.
→∞ experimental →∞ underground →∞ private pressings →∞ art editions →∞ avant-garde →∞ sound-art →∞ noise →∞ drone →∞ free-jazz →∞ free-impro →∞ avant/free-rock →∞ electronic →∞ pyschedelic →∞ avant/free-folk →∞ weirdo/outsider pop →∞ musique concrète →∞ sound poetry →∞ industrial →∞ synth-pop →∞ garage rock →∞ avant-blues →∞ abstract →∞ lo-fi →∞ punk →∞ no-wave →∞ new age →∞




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