Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Digitariat live in Manchester. Saturday 15th March 2014. First show in over a year!

Dancing and Laughing presents another edition of the experimental live special, Standing and Listening. Due to the fully booked Saturday night nature of the Castle Hotel, we are this time moving to their sister pub, the Eagle Inn, in Salford. Don't let that location bother you, it's fifteen minutes' walk from Northern Quarter and you'll get served at the bar more quickly than the Castle.

Entry is only £4!

The Eagle Inn, 18 Collier Street, City of Salford, M3 7DW.

The Digitariat

We know what it is to live in a rich man's house, because we live in it, like a slave lives in a rich man's house.

Post-PE solo vocal belligerence before a cascade of noise, digital glitch, analogue filth and free electronics around a new structure of rhythm measure.

Job, sex, money (or lack of); misandry/misogyny conflict; the truths behind constructed reality; the tragedy of pornography (for viewer and viewed); how technology is used against the people rather than for the people, pursuit of absolute joy against the negative influences; all these are recurring matters explored by The Digitariat.



The Bristol-based artist says of her work:
"Depths ritualist dream ▲ musique de peur + dragons 7
Hologram monogram entity, H is planet. She practices mesmeric audio gestures. ((Ceremony , shell and other Secrets - to unleash RITUALIST DREAM ▲ MUSIQUE DE PEUR
Enter PYRAMID >< dephts souls sound levitation 4D dragon dragon dragon dragon dragon dragon dragon"


Rosanne Robertson

"I am obsessed with improvisation and its relationship to deviance. I work with objects, often metal objects, arranged into installed self made instruments­ -I use tools, implements and devices to extract sound from these arrangements in a live situation­­. Arrangements reworked live take the body into it and then remove it leaving something touched. The voice is heavily featured in my current approach­ with my main experiments being producing noises from the throat­ the internal voice before projection. My work often aims to reveal a boundary of what we are all comfortable with in terms of being in the same room together whilst something is created and then decides whether to cross it or not. Live works build from meditative rhythmical patterns into violently disjointed moments and brutal repetitive heavy noise making."


Danny Saul

Danny Saul is an experimental musician, performer and composer of electroacoustic music. His primary interests are multi-channel acousmatic composition, sound diffusion, space and the exploration of abstract sound materials. His involvement in a variety of projects over the past few years have included collaborations and live performances with notable contemporary experimental musicians including Ben Frost, Machinefabriek, Greg Haines, Jasper TX, Xela and Simon Scott. Danny also plays guitar for Manchester black metallers Wode, having previously occupied positions as member / correctional-catalyst for units including Easter, Stranger Son, Polythene, Tsuji Giri and several other noise-based Manchester rock bands. Danny will be performing a 2-channel laptop set of semi-improvised acousmatic music / live electronics.


Evil Man

Not THAT evil but evil enough to warrant the name Evil Man. For fans of evil and that. EVIL!

With Dancing and Laughing DJ's to play post-punk, minimal synth and other interesting music and sounds, between and after the bands.

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