Wednesday, 9 May 2012

'Its a Fix' New album on ltd ed CDR.

Comprising six new studio recordings and a full live performance (recorded at London's legendary Hope and Anchor) this is an insight into some of The Digitariat's work so far this year.

Multi layered noise songs. This time on the themes of glass ceilings, affected nonchalance as a poor defense mechanism, "you've never had it so good" mentality and more.

PREVIEW TRACK 1: 'Wheres the Advantage'

PREVIEW TRACK 2: 'A Flash of Smile'

PREVIEW EDIT from the live recording: 'Caught You Looking'

Released on 1st May 2012. Limited to 50 copies.

As of today (9th May 2012) 25 copies are still available.

£5.00 (UK), £6.00 (Rest of the world)


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